About Stacker2UK.com

Stacker 2 UK is the leading supplier of Stacker products by NVE Pharmaceuticals in the UK

The Stacker range was launched over 20 years ago when NVE Pharmaceuticals developed Stacker 2 for bodybuilders as an effective herbal alternative to the practice of "stacking". "Stacking" was what bodybuilders routinely engaged in by stacking and ingesting Ephedrene HCL, caffeine and aspirin to give them extra energy for work outs as well as acquire a lean cut look before competitive shows.

Through aggressive in-house marketing and strong retail partnerships, the Stacker 2 product line has been propelled into a globally recognized brand. With the recent surge in the liquid energy market, the Stacker 2 product line has successfully bridged the gap between solid dose diet/energy supplements and liquid diet/energy supplements.

Since 1997 Stacker 2 products have been represented and endorsed by scores of high profile athletes and celebrities. Building campaigns using print, radio and television's top rated programming has brought continuous recognition to the Stacker 2 product line. National celebrity endorsements include but are not limited to radio personalities Howard Stern and New York's Opie & Anthony, television's WWE personalities including Jon Cena, Triple H, Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus, Nascar drivers Tony Stewart, Rusty Wallace, Kenny Wallace, Elliot Sadler and Jeff Hammond, Soprano celebrities Tony Sirico (a.k.a Pauly Walnuts) and Joe Ganiscolli as well as musicians Ozzy Osborne and Fat Joe.

To date, NVE Pharmaceuticals is a leader in manufacturing herbal dietary supplements that have helped consumers with their diet and energy needs. NVE Pharmaceuticals, the Diet & Energy Specialists, continue to expand their reach into cutting edge research, development and private label manufacturing. Nationally known Stacker 2 and Stacker 3 commands a very strong and reliable presence in the market place today. Time proven success stories and exceptional manufacturing have been the cornerstone of the company.