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Stacker 2 UK is the leading supplier of Stacker products by NVE Pharmaceuticals in the UK

Stackers by NVE were first brought to the market over 2 decades ago when NVE manufactured Stacker 2 for muscle building athletes, as an effective natural alternative to the art of stacking. Stacking was commonly known at the time when body builders wanting to strip their body fat percentage without muscle loss consumed several herbal ingredients that included caffeine. These ingredients were known as a stack. The results from stacking ingredients gave them extra energy for work outs, as well as acquire a lean cut look before competitive shows.

With an effective team of marketers and good retail partnerships, the Stackers range is known globally. NVE has also taken advantage of the recent demand in the liquid energy products. The Stacker range offers fantastic diet and energy supplements in liquid form to complement a successful product line to date.

In the USA there have been many endorsements of the Stacker product line from well known celebrities and athletes. Stacker 2 has been seen on TV and talked about on radio, which as given Stacker 2 repeated publicity. Celebrities that have endorsed Stacker 2 include, World Wresting Entertainments (WWE) Jon Cena, Triple H, Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler. Rapper Fat Joe and Colourful musician Ozzy Osborne. From the Sopranos TV series, Tony Siricoand and Joe Ganiscolli.

Celebrity and Athlete endorsements with a time proven success story relevant today and exceptional manufacturing have been the cornerstone of the company and why they are known by some as a manufacturer of the best fat burners.

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